Project Overview

April 23, 2015

Dear Community Member,

In 2012, the Sunrise Recreation and Park District purchased the Old Foothill Farms Cabana Swim Club at 6251 Fremont Circle Sacramento, CA. 95841 with the intent to demolish the existing structures and pools and replace them with a small approximately one acre low maintenance neighborhood park.  With the acquisition and demolition of the site complete, The Board of Directors and the Staff of the Park District have begun the process of developing a comprehensive park master plan for Cabana Park.  This park master plan is intended to provide a comprehensive land use plan which will identify the appropriate park amenities that would serve the surrounding community in a meaningful way.

To develop such a comprehensive plan, I am asking for your help.  For a park and recreation system to reach its full potential in serving its residents and guests, we need to hear from you on how you would like to see this future park site developed, what amenities you would like to see in the park, and how we can best serve your recreational needs.

Over the next few months, the District will be conducting two community forums asking you to share your thoughts about the park site.  The first public meeting is on Wednesday, May 13 beginning at 6:30 at Pioneer Elementary School in Old Foothill Farms.

In addition to attending one of the public meetings, you can also submit thoughts and ideas on line by using the “Contact Us” tab on this web page.

Thank you for becoming active and participating in designing the next great park in Old Foothill Farms.


Dave Mitchell
District Administrator
Sunrise Recreation and Park District